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What is Biofield Tuning?

First, what is a biofield? The biofield, sometimes called your energy field or aura, is the energy that runs through and around the body. The biofield extends about 6 feet from the body.

Your thoughts, feelings and emotions resonate out into your biofield. Have you ever walked into a room and could sense that someone has just had an argument or was upset? That is an example of your felt sense picking up information from someone’s biofield.

Life happens and we react to events with emotions. Emotions act like waves. If you allow yourself to feel your emotions you will notice that they build, crest and then fall. When emotions are fully processed then your energy field can return to a neutral, balanced state.

Human BiofieldOften we don’t allow ourselves to feel and process our emotions. We push aside our feelings because we don’t have the time, energy or courage to deal with them. It’s not acceptable to have a temper tantrum in the grocery store like a two year old. Instead, we bottle up the emotion and push it aside. Maybe we will deal with it later, maybe we won’t. What happens to these bottled up emotions that we don’t deal with? They don’t just go away. They get stuck in our biofield. This causes an energetic disturbance in our energy field.

Over time we accumulate more of these energetic disturbances in our biofield. Newer disturbances are found closer to the body and older ones get pushed out to the edge of our field. These disturbances take energy to maintain. This means that we have less energy available for us to use. This is experienced as feeling old and tired.

Biofield Tuning (yes, I’m finally getting to what it actually is) uses tuning forks to slowly comb through your energetic field looking for these energetic disturbances. When the tuning fork encounters an energetic disturbance, it will cause the sound of the tuning fork to change. The tuning fork may go sharp with anger or anxiety or flat with depression. Sometimes the vibrations can be felt as sensations in the body. Emotions may come up, you may feel physical sensations or you may feel like you are holding your breath.

When an energetic disturbance is found, the tuning fork is held in that spot until the energy in the disturbance comes in to harmony with the tuning fork. Some disturbances resolve quickly and others may be more stubborn. The more stubborn ones may need different frequency tuning forks or crystals to bring the energy into resonance. You may be asked to use your breath and intention, imagining that you can blow the energetic disturbance away. Sometimes it’s helpful to recall a memory of the event that caused the disturbance. Sometimes things just need to be acknowledged to resolve themselves. When the energetic disturbance resolves, the energy that has been trapped is now available to be integrated back into your system. Biofield Tuning sessions can be done in person or at a distance.

This process is basically energetic house cleaning for the body using the coherent sound of tuning forks. Sometimes when we are doing actual house cleaning, we stir up some dust and rearrange the furniture. It is possible to stir up some things in your energetic field that result in symptoms of detox. Be gentle with yourself for a few days while your system adjusts to it’s new energetic state. You may need to get more rest, drink more water or change your diet. Spending time in nature, grounding or taking an Epsom salt bath can also be beneficial. You should feel lighter and more like your authentic self after your energy is fully integrated into your system.

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